Undertakings of a Hazardous Nature

August 26 - Vi

Here I was thinking think Thorton’s Mill is the most boring place in the world (the cute priest, Enzo, has expressed no interest, boo) when who should come strolling into the tavern than a Tiefling. Not just any Tiefling, though; THE Tiefling, the one who was in charge of the guard of THAT trade caravan. I initially thought to just turn around and run, but instead I gathered my courage about me and, since the tavern owner was staring at me pointedly and since there was really nowhere to go, went to see that he was taken care of. He was disarmingly polite, even though he kept dropping hints that we knew each other. But he never suggested how (though honestly, how else would he know me?) and he was friendly enough.

His name is Lucius Leucius? Leucis? Lucy, and he’s been going on and on about forming an adventuring party, and since I really don’t have anything else to do, I guess I’m an adventurer now. Not sure what that entails, exactly, but Lucy says there’s money to be made, so I’m game. There’s also a bard, Aratir, that I sort of remember knowing in Fallcrest maybe five or six years ago, and Adren the ranger, who’s been helping me keep up my Elvish in exchange for explaining the peculiarities of social interactions to him. I also managed to talk a huge guy into joining us. I’ve never been an adventurer, but I’ve been in a gang, and if there’s one thing a gang needs, it’s a huge guy. V. proud of myself for that, as Halgrim is way past huge.

Lucy has decided to call us the Dawnstriders. Worst name ever? I think so. Pointed this out, and also that I worship Sehanine, the moon goddess, but he was busy talking about the banner and the theme song and didn’t seem to hear me. He really does talk a lot. Oh well; so long as he doesn’t try to kill me or turn me in, we’re square.



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