Undertakings of a Hazardous Nature

August 26th

Dawnstriders Formed

What an excellent day! My first day after arriving in Thorton’s Mill to pursue my goal of becoming an adventurer and I’ve already assembled a crack team of recruits and signed two clients! I’ve decided we shall be known as the Dawnstriders; that would make a great image on a banner. I wonder if anyone in this town is good with needle and thread…

Anyways, on to the recruits! Halgrim is a huge guy, even by Goliath standards from what I understand. He used to be an executioner in a town to the east but he’s now on some sort of vengeance quest. He was recruited with the help of Violette, a rogue I remember from a River Rats raid on one of my sister’s caravans. She’s made the wise decision to leave that runt Kelso behind and join up with me. She was probably impressed with how soundly my men and I trounced their gang. She’s a quick talker and handy in a fight. Adren is an elven archer who likes to patrol the nearby woods. Didn’t take much to convince him that adventuring would be a great way to protect his precious forest. Aratir is a half-elven performer that seems to have a similar taste for adventure as myself; nothing wrong with that!

Tomorrow we will depart for the Thornhill Forest to complete our first two assignments, collecting a mineral known as “Kobold Bones” for the local shopkeep and getting some giant scorpion tails for a local named Mrs. Canterford. I think she wants them for some S&M stuff, but money is money and work is work!



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