Undertakings of a Hazardous Nature

August 31 - Vi

Hooray, I am no longer Aratir! I still can’t look him in the eye, though. Note to self: unknown potions should be left well alone in the future. We finally found the end of the damn keep, and stumbled upon the group of brigands Halgrim was looking for (though it took the rest of us to point this out to him). He is now wearing their unconscious leader tied across his chest like a sash. It would be hilarious if it weren’t also a little scary. Halgrim has an odd little code that he lives by, and keeps insisting that he can’t just kill the guy, he has to bring him to justice and THEN kill him. Since he’s enormous, I figure he can do what he wants.

I’ve managed to get myself on knock-out duty: every time the guy moves, I knock him over the head again. We’re going to have a rest before we try to get to William, which I support, as this gives me more opportunities to knock the bandit out. It’s loads of fun!



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