Undertakings of a Hazardous Nature

March 1 - Vi

My goodness, shrines are very expensive. I had to abandon my plan to build a giant platinum holy symbol on the top of the tower, but I have been systematically snitching small shiny things, and I visited Fallcrest and got a pretty altar cloth from Ressilmae and found a table in the keep, and set those up there. Sehanine will understand. I can’t follow her teachings to seek my destiny if I’ve gone broke setting up shrines.

Lucy claimed the captain’s office and Halgrim got the big room that William was using for his weird necromancy for his bachelor pad, so I got him to knock out the wall between two of the dormitories to make a sizeable bachelorette pad of my own, which I have dubbed Violettopia (not that I’ve met ANYone to bring back to said bachelorette pad, but it is nicely decorated. I have two mirrors! Two! And a rug! And my room smells wonderful from the enormous amount of flowers I get to Adren bring from his hunting expeditions, AND I have my very own bed, not just a bedroll). I also planted daisies at the keep entrance. Altogether, Dawnstrider Keep is turning into quite the tourist destination. People are appearing out of the woodwork to join our little party. I’m not sure how I feel about them. The construct housing the ghost is weird enough, but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the Dragonborn. They’re all sleeping in the library.

Halgrim went back to his people to deliver the bandit leader, and since I’m dying to see more of the world, I went with him. Forget what you’ve heard about dwarves; if you want to get drunk, go party with a clan of barbarians. I have no idea what it was they were passing around in those enormous mugs, but it’s been a little over two weeks since we got back and I think I’m still hungover.

In other news…we got a summons from the Lord Warden. Yes, that Lord Warden. Not as though there are any others. Tomorrow we leave to answer it. I thought seriously about staying behind, but…I admit to being curious. I saw him in the streets of Fallcrest a few times, but I’ve never actually met him.



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