Undertakings of a Hazardous Nature

March 1st

Growth and New Opportunities

We’ve finally finished renovations on what is now known as Dawnstrider Keep. This place will serve as an excellent base of operations where potential clients can come meet with us and where we can live between jobs.

Our fame and notoriety has brought new recruits as well. Ghesh is a paladin of Bahamut who stayed on after a local Bahamut Temple came to remove the statue that was in the basement. Alek is an artificer from the Academy in Hammerfast who is on his Journeyman quest. With Aratir’s help, Alek created a special construct to house the friendly ghost in the keep we previously encountered, who we’ve learned is named Graav. Graav still wants to exact vengeance on Bahamut’s enemies, and I don’t mind having an extra sword-arm (especially one I don’t need to feed!)

We’ve received a summons from Lord Warden Markelhay to help him out with some problem. I’ll be leaving as well as Halgrim, Vi, Ghesh and Graav in the morning.



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