Undertakings of a Hazardous Nature

March 2 - Vi

Apparently some crazy priest named Jafar has decided that the way to end the drought in Delornen is to demand human sacrifices to Erathis (which…what?) before people can pass into the southern lands, so we’re going south. By “we” I mean me, leading a pack of the new recruits: Gesh, Aleck, and Graav, plus a fellow named Mal that the Lord Warden insisted we take with us. After the lights went back to full strength (which is a really neat trick), I heartily agreed to this last, because Mal is gorgeous, charming, interested in what I have to say, and gorgeous. Tomorrow we’ll all get on our way to the city of Wyllea, to convince the founder that insisting on human sacrifice is a terrible idea. Shouldn’t be so difficult; I admit to being unfamiliar with the tenants of Erathis, but who ever decided that the god of civilization would require human sacrifice before she would allow trade to take place? Honestly? I think these people are smoking something.

The Lord Warden is boring, balding, easily manipulated. V. disappointing. At least he’s paying our expenses on the road.



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