Undertakings of a Hazardous Nature

The Very Secret Diary of Violette Scarpetta


August 5 Kelson babbling about raiding House Azaer trade caravan. Worst idea ever? I think so. Told him this; got a black eye for my troubles. Well fine, but I’m not helping. Mr. Criminal Mastermind can pull off this stunt by his own damn self.

August 7 Have been informed I am going to help, or will regret it forever. Wonderful. Glorious. Have sinking feeling we are all going to die.

August 12 Well that went about as well as expected. Good news: I did not die. Bad news: neither did stupid, sadistic brother. Better news: escaped from caravan guards and stupid, sadistic brother. Worse news: supplies/money/endurance have given out, and I am exhausted and starved and terrified and stuck in Thorton’s Mill.

Slightly better news: there’s a Moonsong Temple with a really cute priest and a tavern where they need help, and nobody knows me here. Sehanine willing, I’ll stay long enough to make a little money and then be on my way again.



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