Violette Scarpetta

A boy-crazy human rogue with a touch of kleptomania


Violette Scarpetta Human, Rogue Build: Trickster Rogue Rogue Tactics: Artful Dodger Background: Occupation – Thief (+2 to Stealth)

Str 12, Con 11, Dex 17, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 17.

AC: 17 Fort: 14 Reflex: 18 Will: 16 HP: 38 Surges: 6 Surge Value: 9

TRAINED SKILLS Perception +8, Stealth +12, Thievery +10, Insight +8, Bluff +10, Streetwise +10, Acrobatics +10

FEATS Human: Backstabber, Improved Initiative, Quick Draw, Slaying Action

POWERS At-Will: Deft Strike, Piercing Strike, Sly Flourish Encounter: Dazing Strike, Flamboyant Strike Utility: Tumble Daily: Trick Strike

ITEMS Adventurer’s Kit, Climber’s Kit, Thieves’ Tools, Sylvan Leather Armor +1, Hand Crossbow, Luckblade Dagger +1, Flameburst Shuriken +1, Crossbow Bolts (120)


Violette (“Vee-oh-let”) Scarpetta is a 19-year-old human rogue who bears a striking resemblance to Lord Warden Markelhay. Her mother was a beautiful but ultimately tragic figure: a Lowtown prostitute with a glorious singing voice who died in a horrible incident when Vi was five and a half. As soon as he realized he could use the services of a tiny person in his brand new street gang, her half-brother, Kelson, conscripted her into the River Rats, and as a serving wench/sometime “entertainment” at the Lucky Gnome as soon as she was old enough to carry a mug. She was technically required to hand over everything she earned, but systematically stashed away what she could (which wasn’t much). She is a devout follower of Sehanine, and was a student of Ressilmae Starlight, who taught her to read, write and sing, patched her up when things at home went wrong (as they frequently did), and tried in vain to curb her penchant for taking anything that wasn’t nailed down.

When she was small the River Rats put her to work getting through windows, distracting potential victims, and wiggling into tight places; as she grew up she got to be very good at her job and moved on to more advanced thievery. When the last job (a frankly stupid raid on a House Azaer trade caravan) went fabulously and spectacularly wrong, Vi took advantage of the chaos to run like hell. She hadn’t exactly packed for a long walk through the woods, and growing up in the city had no idea what to do once she found herself surrounded by trees; her endurance ran out at Thorton’s Mill, and for the next two weeks she worked at the tavern there, trying to keep her head down and saving up to get as fast and far away from Kelson and House Azaer (but mostly Kelson) as possible.

Vi likes gold, boys, and finding loot. Now that she’s free of her tyrannical brother and his disgusting friends, she also finds she enjoys being free to do what she wants, when she wants, seeing the world outside of Fallcrest, and having allies who don’t expect her to do disgusting things for her share of the loot. She dislikes rats, people who are unhelpful, and boys who seem to be so charming but turn out to be lying backstabbers who are trying to kill you.

Appearance: 5’6”, ~110 lbs; curly, shoulder-length red hair, blueish grey eyes, pale skin w/a smattering of freckles; pretty, despite a sort of permenantly undernourished look and a brand new scar that stretches down the left side of her face from temple to chin

Violette Scarpetta

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