Undertakings of a Hazardous Nature

September 1st

Monumental Victory!

Today has been an eventful day that shall be remembered in the region for decades to come!

We found William and as I feared he was attempting to use necromancy to “resurrect” Felicia. Apparently he procured corpses from that black-hearted bastard Sandra Cot from Fallcrest. We were able to talk William down from his insanity for a while, his desire to assist Thorton’s Mill (we had noticed black smoke rising from it just prior to confronting William) overpowering any other emotions for the time being.

When we arrived in Thorton’s Mill, we found Kelson and his band of River Rats causing destruction and mayhem. Apparently Vi is his half-sister, and he didn’t take kindly to her joining up with me. Vi tried to run (I had though her braver than that! Pity.), which was wholly unnecessary as we dispatched him with a vengeance. I wonder if I can collect the bounty from my sister…. Regardless, once William learned that he would be tried for the death of Enzo and his crimes of necromancy, our temporary alliance shattered as he raised some of the dead River Rats again to fight for him. We ended up sending William to the Raven Queen as well that day, and are now considered heroes of Thorton’s Mill!

As a very nice bonus, we now have free reign of the Keep that William previously occupied…



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